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I remember back when I was a kid I always wanted to disassemble things and see how it works exactly, but, of course, as every kid would, I couldn’t get all back together in one piece, let alone make it work again. My grandma would go nuts over that, but still, she always found a way to find some hardware for me to tamper with it.

As any kid would, back in the ’90s through my hands went a couple of different controllers, from the OG PlayStation to Sega, SNES to N64, and their generic knockoff, and of course a handled OG Gameboy, everything follows by the sound of those popular titles – Super Mario collecting coins, Donkey Kong throwing barrels, Crash Bandicaton hitting a wall, Sonic running away, Gran Turismo screaming tyers and Tekken punches.

The first more serious step into PC hardware world after that was, of course, getting a PC, which, coincidently, was bought by that same grandma, back in 2000. Of course, it was a Pentium 4 based PC, which made me spend numerous hours exploring it, software or hardware wise, exploring technology-based forums, getting new knowledge and boarding my views in everything that thinks with zeros and has electricity running through it. And that’s where my journey turned into something else, something bigger than just pulling things apart.

To this day I’m like that, always searching for something new to try out, find out how it works and what makes it tick, finding what’s best in the world of technology, and what’s yet to come. But, the best thing about all of this is that I can share it, translate into my own outlet, my reviews, my guides, my input, my piece of the helping puzzle for this community and all likeminded people – people, like you. Yes, you! That’s why you’re here, aren’t you? If there wasn’t for you and the rest of the tech community who love to watch and read my content, in ways I couldn’t even imagine, I wouldn’t even be here.

If you want to keep up with my projects, you can support me on Facebook here, or even better, on my YouTube channel here, where I also nurture my other passions like videography and content creation.

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