Just before this year’s Computex started, Corsair announced this top of the line representative for their HS series of gaming headsets – Corsair HS70. As I’ve mentioned, this one is completely wireless and it uses a dedicated USB dongle to make the connection with the headset itself. Besides that, there’s no other way of connecting it, with the USB – A to micro USB cable you can only charge it, but you have to keep the dongle connected in order to maintain the audio connection. Oh, and yes, beside the PC it also supports the PlayStation 4.

Let’s get back to the headset itself. Corsair didn’t miss the opportunity to make this model look very sleek and tasteful, without any lighting or poke-you-in-the-eye details. The build quality is really good, the headphones are very sturdy and rigid, you can flex them all you want, but they still come back to their original position, while the materials which they’ve used are nice to the touch all around, they give out premium feel, particular around hinges and the cups where they’ve sorta of rubberized them, with a hint of glossy surface, and I especially love this metal mesh which takes the most of the outer side of the ear-cups shell.

Corsair HS70 has a different design direction

The only thing I do resent HS70 a bit is that they didn’t make the extending part of the headband longer, it has a quite short path. The rotation of the cups could be also a bit better, as well their tilt, it seems like it’s pretty limited, but to be honest, the headset fit me just right although I have what you would call, an above average head size. I just wish it was a bit more flexible for this price, especially for the users who will need that.

On the other hand, I do love how they’ve incorporated this white stitching below the bottom portion of the headband, reminds of the certain type of old-school sports car seats. As for the headband itself, it’s has a decent amount of padding, but it’s not too soft or too stiff, it’s somewhere in the middle.

You’ve probably noticed that there’s no microphone, which would for a gaming headset be a little bit odd, but no worries, there is one, but it’s detachable. You just pop this rubber cover open, put it in and that’s it. It very flexible and you can position it as you please, while It’s placed on the left ear-cup, right below it there’s the volume wheel, which has its own volume so to speak and it’s not controlling the system sound directly. Here you will also find the microphone mute button and a micro USB port for charging, too bad it also doesn’t have a rubber cover. On the right ear-cup, you’ll only find the power on button, which is in a way practical, cause that way you basically can’t miss it or mistake it for something else.

As for it’s recording performance and sound quality, you can here an unmodified sample of my talking into the mic in the video itself listed just above.

HS70 supports 7.1 surround sound, but only on PC

When it comes to wearing them, I had no complaints. The lateral pressure is just right, leaning more towards a tighter fit, but again, this is a good thing considering I have an above average sized head. The padding which is on the ear-cups is really comfortable, they use memory foam and they are not removable as such, but I didn’t have any problems with sweating even on a longer use period. The inside of the cups have this protruded portion, but I’m not certain for what it’s actually for, probably for a better fit of the ear once it’s in the ear-cup.

hs70 review

Finally, we’re coming down to the most important point of every headset– how does it sound? As pretty much every other model out there, Corsair HS70 also uses a 50 mm neodymium driver. The sound quality is actually really decent given that it’s not a strictly audio oriented headphones model, but the sound is really crisp and warm, you will easily find a good weight between lows and high’s. When it comes to gaming, it also keeps up the bar really high thanks to its overall very punchy sound profile, especially in shooter games, while the 7.1 surround sound is good orientation wise, but I generally don’t like the sound profile which it carries, so I personally prefer stereo in most of the cases no matter what headset is in question. Also, it’s worthy of mentioning that this surround sound feature, unfortunately, doesn’t work with PlayStation 4, only PC.

More than 10 hours of battery life for Corsair HS70

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You also have an option customizing the headsets sound profile to your liking using various different presets or equalizer in their software, Corsair utility Engine, and besides setting the microphone’s volume and side-tone, or turning off the surround side that’s basically the only thing you can do in it settings wise. You can also check your battery level here and speaking of it, from my experience you can expect anywhere from 13 to 15 hours of battery life, which is not too far from the stated 16 hours in HS70-s specifications and which is also on par with their Void wireless headset model. With the latest firmware update of the headset, it actually started to talk to you with a soft woman’s voice, telling you if the headset is charging, powering on or off, microphone muted and so on.

corsair hs70 review

To sum it up, all of this makes Corsair’s HS70 a really compelling product considering it is a wireless gaming headset which clocks at below 100$ mark. With that in mind, this model deserves at least to be put on a shortlist and it overall gets a thumbs up in my book. I hope this Corsair HS70 review helped you out at least a bit for your decision-making process, and if you have any question about it feel free to ask me in the comments section of my video YouTube video listed down below or you can hit me on my social media channel.

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