Although I had a chance to pretty much cover every newer Logitech’s gaming product in the last couple of years, one example is my G915 TKL review, the original Pro X headset didn’t land in my hands, but you know what, there’s a silver lining in that because I know about to experience all of it with for the first time with the just-released version of the Logitech G Pro X wireless headset.

It’s been exactly one year since its original brother came out, and as you can tell, after seeing that it grabbed a lot of attention and became popular among gamers, Logitech decided to make the obvious step of releasing a wireless version of it, for all of those who want or need to go that extra mile in that regard.

Just to get this out of the way, for all of you out there who are interested in this information, yes, you can charge them and use them at the same time, but the wireless receiver has to be connected, you won’t be able to use the headset solely and only over the cable. OK, let’s move on to the headset itself.

As soon as I pulled the headset of the box, just wow, the build quality of this thing. It just breathes premium look and feels, wherever you get a hold of it. Being it the ear-cups themselves, which have this mat black, almost rubbery finish, or the headband, you can tell that they wanted to excel with this model in every possible way. The whole headset is really rugged and feels like you could drive a nail into a wall with it, but yet still flexible and not too stiff.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset – The one we’ve waited for

Overall, I do love how they went with this very simple and straightforward, almost industrial-like design, it actually reminds of those types of headphones that you see on pilots’ heads, especially because of these curly types of cables coming out of the ear-cups. They completely forgo putting an RGB light show onto, like seen in some of my graphics cards reviews, which I personally approve, especial y in the context of wireless headset and longer battery life, so the only thing that visually pop’s out is this metal surface on the ear-cups with cool texture and Logitech’s logo on it. This look may be a bit sterile for certain users, but honestly, I like it very much, it just hits the right tone.

logitech g pro x wireless headset review

Speaking of tone, the ear-cups carry Logitech’s 50 mm Pro-G drivers, more on how they sound a bit later on. They are held by this u-shaped metal hinge that’s really thick and doesn’t budge at all. Of course, you have a ratchet-style way of expanding them from each end of the headband itself, there’s plenty of steps to satisfy everyone’s needs and head fit. The only thing that it doesn’t have is the swivel options in the joints, but the thick and pretty soft cushioning on the ear-cups can sort of compensating for that.

The ear-cups are really comfortable, I’m more leaning towards the leather-like earpads, but you will also get a set of plush ones in the bundle, as well as the handy carrying pouch, while can orientate yourself and G Pro X wireless headset based on the lettering found inside of the ear-cups. What’s equally comfortable is its also leatherette headband which is decently padded from beneath and this cool stitching and Pro logo embossed on it.

Emphasis on comfort with G Pro X Wireless Headset

Back to the ear-cups, everything you need can be found on the left one, starting from the power on button, dedicated microphone mute switch, USB Type-C port for charging, infinity volume scroll wheel, and a 3,5 mm port into which goes the detachable microphone itself. This is probably one of the best boom microphones that I’ve tried so far when it comes to how precisely can you shape it, within a centimeter and it will stay like that.

In terms of comfort, the wireless G Pro X headset has a convincing clamping force which at first, when I’ve taken them in my hands, I thought that would be a bit too much for my above average sized head, but It turned out that I was wrong. They do feel really firm once you get a hold of them and try to pull them around and expand them before putting them on your head, but once you actually put them on, the lateral force that it generates was in my case almost ideal. The ear-cups cover my whole ear, while not touching their inner wall of ear-cup, and they make a really good sound barrier in blocking any of the outside noises. Besides regular use, I ended up having a couple of longer sessions of wearing them, for example, while editing my videos, plus during my gaming sessions in iRacing, where I also used its microphone the most.

g pro x wireless headset review

Speaking of it, although the Blue Voice logo on the front of the box was replaced with Logitech’s Lightspeed logo technology, don’t worry, we do have the Blue Voice Software feature integrated into this model, it’s a Pro X series after all, and as far as I saw, I don’t think there will be a non-X version of it without that, like with its wired brothers. All of this ties into the software side of things, Logitech’s G Hub utility to be more precise, where you can see that we have a special Blue Voice panel that controls everything when it comes to the microphone features. Let’s switch over to the headset’s microphone so you can hear how it actually sounds, while we go over through some of its features.

As you can see here, there’s plenty of settings to fiddle around, especially with the microphone thanks to the Blue Voice software implementation. That’s the first thing you need to enable right away, and as you can now hear, just by doing that, right out of the box the difference is pretty substantial. You can, of course, use the presets shown here, they all have a different sound to them, but the best thing to do is to find one that suits you the most and possibly do some minor changes to it to make it that much better, through options like compression, gate, and filters, as well as a voice through equalizer. This preset and settings that I’m showing off here was the best sounding, in my opinion, so feel free to copy it.

Best wireless headset under $200?

The same can be done with the headsets sound profile, you can choose to pick from a few basic presets, but again I’ve decided to make my own. Besides that, here you can also change the volume of what you can hear coming from the microphone, so basically yourself, as well as check the battery level and set-up the automatic power-off feature.

So, yes, as you can just now hear for yourself, this is a really capable sounding microphone, which was actually established with on its wired version, and there’s a reason why everyone was so excited once they’ve heard that Logitech acquired Blue Microphones back in 2018. Be sure to let me know in the comments section down below what are your thoughts, would you use something like this?

logitech g pro x wireless headset price
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When it comes to the sound coming from those 50 mm drivers, the fact that it’s a wireless headset doesn’t change basically anything, it operates using a 2,4 GHz wireless connection over a separate USB dongle and Logitech’s Lightspeed technology. I haven’t noticed any delay, and the range was well over 10 meter in closed space, I could walk around my 90 square meter flat without any glimpse of signal loss, the only exception that you will have to make is to charge them every 15 to 20 hours from my experience, which is decent, will last you a couple of days, but hey, at least you have that USB Type-C port for charging them, as well as a 1,9-meter long Type-A to Type-C charging cable that comes in the bundle.

I could hear a slight noise coming out of them when everything was completely silent, but that was kinda expected since they’re self-powered, plus I’m what you would call a noise freak, so take that with a big grain of salt as I tend to hear every little thing. The sound profile that the drivers deliver is among better ones when it comes to gaming headsets, they really tuned them up good, the only thing I had a chance to try out remotely similar to it are some of the HyperX headsets. I found them to be pretty accurate in music listening everything considered, although they perform the best in games, you could pick out the smallest details. The surround sound feature will do its job and core purpose, but the way it does it, it’s not something I personally like sound-wise, it just gives out that sounds profile of a low bit-rate MP3 song that has been exported a couple of times. Also, don’t expect to get unreasonable levels of loudness from them, they can get pretty noisy, but nothing too crazy, plus you lose some top end if you go overboard on that.

After all these years of following Logitech’s product releases and their pricing scheme, with also knowing how much the wired model costs, it was not hard to predict that this headset was going to have a price tag 200€ and something along that line in dollars. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but this segment was already established long before, and all of those who would like to have something from it, will have to pay the premium, but if they choose wisely among everything that’s to offer, they could get a lot of value for their money, like in the case of this Logitech’s G Pro X wireless headset.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out my Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset Review, if you have any question feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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