This is the G733 wireless gaming headset and right of the bat we have to talk about the elephant in the room – its color, or rather color choices. This is actually one of the rare occasions where Logitech provided us with a wider color choice than your black and white picks within their Gaming portfolio, the G433 being an exception, while this headset comes in black, white, lilac and this ocean-like blue that I have here with me today. Even the wireless receiver is color-matched. Sweet.

Speaking of it, this is the only way of connecting the headphones, wirelessly, you won’t be able to use it and connect it to a device just over the USB Type-C port on it and the added 2 m cable without also using the receiver as that’s the only way the headset makes a connection, the cable is only used for charging, but of course, you can do both at the same time, use it while also charging it.

There’s some good news, unlike the G Pro X wireless and G533, the Logitech G733 does come with PlayStation 4 support, while I assume that the PlayStation 5 will also be supported. Enough about that, let’s have a look at the headset itself.

Logitech G733 vs G533 face-off

As you can see, the G733 wireless headset has that more “gamery” and playful design approach, with this two-part RGB strip on the front which can be controlled over G Hub software, and some curvy lines on the edge where the ear cup meets the ear padding. All of these parts from the 3-year-old G533 model which I’ll be using here as a point of reference and comparison, since they are at this time on par with the price, although that could change on the G533 end. I couldn’t be that they won’t discontinue it, especially since it has different design language and the 7.1 surround sound, while the new G733 has DTS Headphone: X 2.0 sound being delivered by 40 mm Pro-G drivers, but then again, who knows.

Those two are set in this pretty locked in ear-cups, and by that, I mean that they have just a little bit of articulation, so it’s not super flexible in terms of the adjustment, they don’t pivot like ones on the G533 for example, but the pretty thick cloth ear-pads with memory foam compensate that a bit in terms of the comfort. These are your usual interchangeable ones, and they’ve put left and right signs on them for easier headphone orientation, while I assume they’re still washable like the ones on the G533.

g733 review

What’s also made out of a cloth like-material is this colored flexible headband, which acts as a dampening and size adjustment mechanism for your head. You have these tabs on each side onto which this headband latches, and it can go onto two differently positioned cutouts, so you can adjust the pressure or effectively the tallness of the headband in case you have a smaller head. It’s rather soft, but it still wraps around your head in a decent fashion. The rest of the headband frame is really flexible, it will make the whole headset move around, but I feel like its sturdy enough.

Overall the build quality looks to be decent in that regard, although I must say it doesn’t leave you with a premium feel, especially compared to the G Pro X wireless, while the G533 supports similar build quality to the G733 I would say.

In a way it makes you ask for more since it’s completely made out of the plastic, mostly using that sort of like a textured plastic surface, there are few smooth glossy spots on the ear cups, especially since it will retail for 150€. Then again, I assume they went this route to make the headset lighter, which it is, compared to the other two, weighing in at just a bit above 280 grams.

The G733 shaves some weight

As for the comfort, since they’re that light, which is btw almost 100 grams lighter than G Pro X wireless, and 70 grams lighter than the G533, the G733 will go easy on your head on longer sessions. That soft headband also adds to the whole “I’m a light headset” thing because it suspends the headset in a way that it makes wearing it more bearable during long runs. The ear-pads are big enough so my ear sinks into the surrounding space, without touching the inner wall, while they provide pretty decent sound insulation with still being breathable enough, moving the air though so you don’t start sweating all up.

logitech g733 review

Logitech again put everything on the left ear-cup, starting from the USB Type C port, infinity volume wheel, power on/off switch, which also acts as a battery level indicator when the headset is turned on, you can change the language of the voice that talks to you too, while you turn the headset-off off with long press, and microphone mute switch. Speaking of it, we have a detachable one, it’s mostly rubberized, expect on the tip end, but you can adjust it fairly easy. It’s is also accompanied by the Blue Voice feature which is also found in their G Pro X wireless and wired models, but not in the G533. You’ll again have an option to control how the microphone actually performs in Logitech G Hub software utility with enabling the Blue Voice feature and using its different preset profiles or making a completely custom setup based on different settings, from changing the voice EQ, high-pass filter, compressor and so on. With the G733 I’ve found these settings shown here on the screen optimal, feel free to use them, and here is how that sounds alongside the G533 and G Pro X wireless microphones.

Worthy successor

Sticking with the topic of wireless, as it uses the same Lightspeed technology and 2,4 GHz, like their G915 TKL, so I had the same experience as with the G Pro X wireless model – could roam around my 90 square meter flat without any hick-ups whatsoever. No drops, zero subjective audio lag, that something was maybe out of sync or off, nothing like that, everything was on the spot here.

logitech g733 price
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Where G733 took off compared to G Pro X wireless, and especially G533, is the battery life. With the RGB’s off you can get around 30 hours without charging, while with them being turned on it cuts down to anywhere from 20 to 25 hours. In my example and my use case, I easily managed to get well over 25 hours of use, so yeah, that’s one of the higher numbers out there, except for the Sennheiser GSP 370 which is in a completely different class. Of course, all this can also vary depending on the way you use the headphones, how often is the microphone being used, level of loudness, but still, it’s a decent jump compared to the aforementioned duo.

Speaking of the sound and loudness, you’re all probably wondering how does this headset actually sounds? As I mentioned at the beginning, the G733 uses the Pro-G 40 mm drivers, the same as the G533, but the specs are a bit different, with higher impedance and lower sensitivity. In direct back to back comparison, the G733 seems to have a more clear sound, but they could both hit some thick bass lines, while it falls just a bit behind the G Pro X wireless model, nevertheless, you would be surprised how it and the G733 are pretty close to each other sound quality-wise. Overall they do have an above-average sound stage representation having in my that this is a wireless headset before all, but it again lacks in the loudness department, although it gets louder than G533. The regular stereo sound is more than suitable for any type of game, I could position myself and others easily in-game, and honestly, I’m good with just having it knowing how underwhelming is the surround sound option on the G Pro X wireless and G533, and the same goes for the DTS Headphone: x 2.0 surround sound feature on the G733.

I must admit that although the G533 suits me better design and adjustability wise, for the same price the G733 takes the cake on a count of a better mic and a bit better sound, longer battery, different color choices and PlayStation support which will most certainly be cherished by a lot of users, no doubt about it. I even don’t see a big need to go for the G Pro X wireless model, yes, it is overall a bit better, but I would probably put that price difference somewhere else.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out my Logitech G733 review, if you have any question feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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