Yeah, I don’t do a lot of speakers review, although I have a towards good sounds, this Logitech Z407 set caught my attention right away, more so since there’s not a lot of reviews of it online.

So, getting right into it, this is a pretty standard 2.1 stereo setup with two satellites and one subwoofer, nothing too extreme. The design is also rather minimalistic, which is additionally emphasized with this pretty ordinary dark gray color that dominates the whole setup. The build quality is decent, they do use plastic only construction except on the sub-woofer which is probably from something like MDF, but everything feels really sturdy and well built. The only thing that got my OCD all fired up is the fact the logo is rotated for 90° when the speakers are vertically positioned, which I think will probably be the most common configuration, plus you only get it on one speaker.

The satellites are actually quite big, with the full-range 2,5” driver on the top, and you get to choose how you’ll orientate them because this little stand can be put in two different slots, so you can either have them positioned vertically or horizontally. The sub-woofer is quite of a decent size, you could probably fit four of these satellites into it, while it also has a couple of cushioned feet to raise it up a bit since the 5,25” woofer driver is on the bottom.

Logitech Z407 – Wirelessy in charge

But all of that doesn’t matter, all that it matters is this little thing. You wanna know what it is?

Well, to be completely honest this cute little hokey puck is the main reason why the Z407 caught my eye to begin with. As you can see there’s no plugs or wires on it, only these two triple-A battery slots beneath this cover, both of which you will get in the bundle, meaning that this thingy is fully wireless, up to 20 meters to be exact, and it can work for up 12 months without changing its battery.

z407 review

So, what this lets you do is of course control the volume in a DJ-like fashion, but most importantly, it lets you connect any Bluetooth-capable device onto it, so you can transmit audio over to the speakers. It really comes in handy if you have a simple home setup and want to keep it as simple as possible. It also lets you control the songs, meaning you can play, pause, skip or go back, while also of course being able to adjust volume and bass levels. The only thing it’s missing is an integrated microphone, it would be really cool if you could answer the phone with this, that would be really something different.

Of course, you do have an option to use a plain 3,5 mm lin-in jack, while the stereo satellites themselves connect via your usually RCA connectors for right and left channels. Interestingly enough the sub-woofer also has a microUSB port on the back, and the reason why is that is because the Z407 also carries its own DAC inside, which is an awesome alternative if you don’t have a sound card or you already have something else connected to the audio 3,5 mm line-out on your device. Just plug it in, and it will be recognized as another audio device and that’s. Again, too bad they didn’t implement a microphone jack in this case, since they went this route of having an integrated DAC. One note though, you won’t get the USB cable from the bundle, which is a bit aaa…

MicroUSB connection for Z407

Unfortunately, they didn’t use this opportunity to implement additional software control for it over the said USB connection, for example through their Logitech Options software utility, but that can always be added down the line. With having three different types of connections, you can basically have three different devices connected to it and just jump between the sources, and you can do that via these buttons on the bottom, one tap and it switches. The right one is for switching between USB and 3,5 mm, while the left one is for Bluetooth and its pairing process. For differentiating the outputs, you have a small LED on the wireless dial itself which lights up in different colors depending on the source, purple is for 3,5 mm, white is for USB, and the blue light is, well, for Bluetooth. We also have Bluetooth chimes for when you’re doing the pairing process and connecting.

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As for the wireless dial, it pairs automatically with the speakers, and once you get a steady light, it’s connected. You can also reset all the settings by holding down both buttons for at least 8 seconds.

The power supply is integrated into the sub-woofer, but thankfully enough there are no notifiable weird hisses or hums because of it, as it often can be a byproduct of electrical interface since it’s housed inside. Since I finally touched on the topic of sound, which is why you’re probably here, to begin with, let me give you my impressions of it. First off, let’s start with the power output of the speakers, it’s rated at 80W of peak power, and 40W of RMS power, but in practice that doesn’t mean anything until you hear what’s actually capable of producing at those higher volumes. To my surprise, the sound doesn’t distort too much all the way up around 80-90% of the volume, and they do pack a punch at those levels.

Should you go for it?

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As for the sound profile, it tends to pull on the lower side spectrum, with pretty clear enough mids and highs, ideal for music listening and games, not so much for listening to podcasts or watching movies, because it gets unnaturally deep and everything rattles. Fortunately, as you saw, you can adjust the bass level, although the sound will lose some warmth to it. Of course, it doesn’t have that much of a range as something like my ADAM T7V studio monitors, but it’s plenty enough for your day to day use. I know that this is not going to do it much justice because it depends on what you use on the other end, but here’s a sound sample of how they sound, maybe you get some insights from it after all.

For around 80-90$ I think that the Z407 is a compelling choice for what it offers, most importantly a very practical one on a count of everything that we just went through, especially for those who want a simple looking solution with plethora connection options.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out my Logitech Z407 review, if you have any question feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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