After my initial look at AMD’s new RX 500 series which was marked with a review of MSI’s RX 580 Gaming X model, feel free to check it out at the card link in the right top corner, today I’m continuing to walk further down that RX 500 series path with also MSI RX 570 Gaming X model, and more are yet to come from other brands, so stick around!

Just like the GPU which it carries, nothing actually changed that much in terms of the packaging, if at all, basically just the model name, which was bumped up from RX 470 to RX 570, while feature wise, everything is here, from Twin Frozr cooler design to RGB LED lighting. The bundle also stayed the same, pretty much nonexistent, your standard papers and that round coaster thingy for putting your beer onto it, but hey, at least you’ll get the card.

Design copied over to MSI RX 570 Gaming X

Although it seems that RX 570 Gaming X model from the outside uses the same cooler design as its bigger brother from, once you take a closer look you can notice that we don’t have a base plate which goes onto the video memory and power design, and we also have a more modest amount of heat-pipes. I counted four of them, while the RX 580 has five, which doesn’t seem like a big deal cooling wise, especially since the RX 570 GPU has fewer shaders and lower clock, but as you’ll see later on, GPU temperature tells a different story.

Speaking of missing things, this model also doesn’t come with back-plate, just as with the previous generation, so basically everything remained the same and bottom line they’ve just forwarded the complete cooler design from RX 470 to RX 570, so there’s nothing actually new to talk about. Although, I wish they had it consdering the price point. You’ll get your red and black plastic top shroud, RGB LED MSI dragon logo on the side, RED LED’s on the back, two 100 mm Torx 2.0 fans cooling the components below them, one 8-pin PCI-express power connector for that additional power delivery, and yes, it’s necessary, and a video output layout consisting out of two HDMI’s, two DisplayPorts and one DVI-D.

Just like its stronger counterpart, compared to the previous generation, the new MSI RX 570 Gaming X model comes in with a bit higher clock speeds, around 40 MHz for the GPU and 100 MHz more on memory clock, and that’s comparing their default Gaming Mode profile. Setting it up from that Gaming Mode to the OC Mode in MSI’s Gaming App, it goes from 1281 MHz to 1293 MHz for the GPU, while it bumps up the memory for another 25 MHz. P.S. I used that OC Mode across the board in my testing as a reference point.

RX 570 Gaming X is a proper overclocker

Taking it a bit further with some manual overclocking, I was greeted by the better potential in this field compared to my original review of the RX 470 Gaming X. Memory department was particularly interesting as I achieved over 200 MHz more on the memory overclock compared to it, and 40 MHz more on the GPU, and like that basically completely leveling off with the overclocking figures of other RX 580 models which I reviewed before, like Asus RX 580 Strix.

Pumped up like that, as you can see it here from the graphs this model got some decent performance increase compared to the MSI’s “OC mode” profile, and the RX 570 Gaming X results weren’t actually too far of from the stock results which I got with the RX 580 Gaming X model. Besides that, overall it’s a spot on choice for high-frame-rate 1080p gaming, while higher resolution’s like 2560 x 1440 shouldn’t be a problem judging by the results which I got using my 3440 x 1440 monitor resolution.

RX 570 Gaming X

Taking a look at the temperatures, the difference between the Furmark stress test and in-game figures were pretty substantial, which is generally speaking not a common scenario, but then again, I’ve had a similar experience with the RX 470 Gaming X model. In Furmark I was seeing temperatures around 70°C with fans spinning at pretty high and loud 1600-1700 RPM, while during video card benchmarks and in games like Battlefield 1 and Unigine Heaven benchmark, that was mostly around 60°C and with fan speed anywhere from 1100-1200 RPM, with a room temperature of around 24-25°C in both scenario’s. Although I’m glad to see that in the game everything seems to be normal, on the other hand, those Furmark figures were a bit odd, I’m pretty sure that’s due to the more modest cooling. Bottom line, It’s not a real concern, I know nobody daily uses Furmark just because, but it’s still interesting to track down the cause.

Still no problem cooling the MSI RX 570 Gaming X

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Having MSI’s Twin Frozr cooler design and thus their Zero Frozr feature which turns of the fans if the GPU is not under load and below a certain temperature, you can guess that card is dead silent in that scenario, with an idle temperature of around 40°C. When it comes to the actual fan noise when they finally ramp up and get going, for that here’s an audio sample of both the Furmark and in-game load testing for you to listen In-game one is really quiet, almost inaudible from 1 meter away, while the Furmark one can be picked up, it’s a 500 RPM difference after all.

Lastly, as with any other graphics card coming from Gaming X series, the MSI RX 570 Gaming X is also using Gaming APP you can control some of your basic options, I went over them in few of my videos before, but most importantly, here you can change the color of those LED’s around the card and their glowing pattern.

MSI RX 570 Gaming X

So, besides the mild default GPU and memory clock speed rise and better overclocking potential on a count of the more refined manufacturing process, there’s not that much new with this model and RX 570 in general either, but overall, you’re going to get a slightly better performance and overclocking, while keeping the same price, and that’s in my book a welcomed change, although not a revolutionary one. All in all, I hope this MSI RX 570 Gaming X review helped you up at least a bit, so you can make your final buying decision a tad easier. If you have any question feel free the leave them in the comments of my YouTube video listed up above or feel free to contact me via social media channels!

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