Facebook is putting a lot of effort into the metaverse aspect of the platform. Their Horizon Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset is something that we’ve all been waiting for years. Let’s start with an explanation of what metaverse is. Metaverse is an immersive space that people access and share with various platforms, becoming virtually present while physically apart.

Introducing Facebook as a metaverse company is not news due to Facebook’s interest in various VR ventures. Facebook wants to become a leading name in this industry as news reports about the growing VR industry, so it didn’t come as a surprise that they’re buying VR gaming studios like BigBox VR. In addition to that, the development of wristband technologies, AR glasses and VR Oculus headsets is a step in that direction. With new VR possibilities, Horizon VR workspace Facebook will take the leading position in the VR world.

Facebook Horizon Workspace – Future of Work

The last few years showed how a lot of meetings and work got done without business trips. Video calls and emails helped companies to get through various difficulties. However, there is a need for some virtual space to allow workers to talk with numerous people. Share documents and visually present something in the form of sketch-like in natural person brainstorming meeting. This increase was a sign that Facebook waited. Facebook Horizon Workspace is a virtual reality conference room. For the whole experience, users will need to use Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. According to LeBeau, the director of FRL Work Experiences at Facebook, their goal is to implement VR technology into working industries to make it productive for work besides gaming. If you want to connect to Horizon Workrooms, it is possible via laptops, tablets, desktops and smartphones. But, in that case, users will have limited possibilities of use.

When users open the platform with Oculus Quest 2, they need to make an animated character fully personalized. Get creative and make a character that will be your look-alike, or create a character your coworkers will not recognize. Facebook presented a short video of Horizon VR workroom with animated characters and a virtual presence that allows you to interact and feel like you are in some space with coworkers. Users will have the opportunity to use it as IRL meetings and stay productive without space, time or technology problems. Set an appointment in the Horizon VR workroom and present coworkers your idea on the whiteboard or talk with them without freezing, connection problems, good latency and other problems video conferences might have. In addition, users can use their physical desk and computer keyboard in the VR office to do the work right on the spot.

Work Together and Live Wherever the World

In Horizon Workroom, you can have up to 16 coworkers and a maximum number of 50 video conference participants. You don’t have to be concerned about company confidential materials and business tips n’ tricks of the trade. Facebook said they wouldn’t use personal data for target Ads on social media. In addition to that, users must follow VR community standards.

Your work revolves around travel, and your coworkers are all around the world? Then, Facebook’s Horizon Workroom will be a great addition to the company routine. So lower your costs and have fun while working!

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