At the moment the offering of the wireless gaming headset is through the roof, and although that’s an awesome thing, it’s not easy on your wallet, proved by these two awesome products, Razer BlackShark V2 Pro and Logitech G Pro X wireless headset, but which one should you get? The answer is actually not that simple.

Although I already did a review on the Logitech G Pro X model, feel free to check that one out later on, on the other hand, I haven’t had a chance to check out Razer’s BlackShark V2 Pro up close until now, so let’s start with it. Design-wise it’s basically the same as all the other models in the BlackShark V2 line-up, almost to a T, the only difference you could pick-up right away looks-wise, is the fact that it doesn’t have green accents on the inter-connecting cables for the ear-cups. Of course, there are some other subtle differences, like the fact that the BlackShark V2 Pro has a removable 9,9 mm microphone, which is still very flexible and has a big pop filter on it, more on its performance later on, while other differences are harder to pick-up, like this etched line going around the ear-cup, and the fact that it has a more pronounced stitching on the edge of the headband.

I did take a look at the more affordable and wired version from this series, the BlackShark V2 X, and that’s was also done in a comparison test with few other budget headsets, feel free to hop over to there later on if you’re interested.

BlackShark V2 Pro vs Pro X – build quality and design

So, as you can see, both the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro and the Logitech G Pro X wireless headsets bring in that very minimalistic design. Razer actually looks like they want a step further in cutting everything down in terms of details that stand right out, while Logitech has this aluminum swirly pattern surface on the ear-cups, so it gives it that extra something, but they both look like some kind of aviator headphones. The build quality in both of them is top-notch, tough Logitech’s feel a bit more robust as they use these big metal ear-cup brackets, but they both give a good first impression with nice soft mat black plastic, although it’s a fingerprint magnet. Of course, which one you’ll go for in regard to the looks is completely up to you, this is more a personal preference.

What’s not a personal preference is of course the comfort of the headset, although it can be to a certain degree depending on your head size and shape. From my personal experience, I’ll have to give a slight edge to the BlackShark V2 Pro, they’re easier on the head, less lateral pressure, while they’re also lighter, and for a wireless headset they’re leaving you with little to none feel that you’re wearing something on your head. The Logitech G Pro X wireless headset on the other hand is a bit more clamp-ey than it, while they do feel heavier going back to back between them, but nothing a way it would matter when it comes to longer sessions. They’re both very adjustable, although neither of them has any yaw adjustment in the ear-cups, they do have enough play to compensate for that, especially the Razer’s one on a count of this very interesting, a bit flimsy feeling solution for sliding the ear-cup up and down for longer reach, whereas Logitech has that done a common matter, within the headband.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro vs Logitech G Pro X

Speaking of it, although they’re both soft and cosey, another main difference comes from the material which they decided to choose for era-cups and bottom part of the headband, where Logitech went for leatherette, while Razer went for their FlowKnit plush fabric material with memory foam underneath it, which was a surprise actually for them, because the original BlackShark V2 also uses leather material for both the ear-cups and headband, but this ended up being a bit more breathable and not so greasy after a long session.

G Pro X sounds, while BlackShark V2 Pro hears cleaner

Going around the headphones you can see basically the same setup of controls, power on, mute, volume rocker on Logitech and volume dial with the Razer’s, which actually works on a headphones level, separately from the Windows volume control, and that’s a plus in my book, but unfortunately, only Logitech has USB Type C and Razer MicroUSB port. One of the biggest advantages of the BlackShark V2 Pro is the fact that it can also be a wired headset as it has a 3,5 mm combo jack. And yes, you can charge the headset while being connected being via that wired connection or the wireless one, and the same goes for the Logitech headset over the USB cable. One note though, once you connect the 3,5 mm cable, you’ll lose control of the headset in Razer’s Synapse software. Speaking of the battery, when it comes to sot their declared battery life on one charge, they’re pretty much similar, 20 hours for G Pro X vs 24 hours for Black Shark V2 Pro, in practice this can vary greatly depending on the volume, and do you use surround sound technologies and microphone features, but you will at least get 15 hours from both of them.

Finally, we’re coming down to the microphone performance, and of course the sound quality. Let’s start off with the microphone. To no one’s surprise, both microphones perform averagely when you talk about microphones in general, but when it comes to wireless gaming headsets, they’re among better for sure. But, to get there, you will definitely have to play with their settings, both in Logitech G Hub software utility, and it’s for this purpose special Blue Voice feature, and in Razer’s Synapse software utility. Let’s just jump right into it, here’s how that sounds, while also showing you the settings that were the best in my opinion for both mics, plus some typing on the keyboard, just so you can hear what’s the noise surprise like.

g pro x vs blackshark v2 pro

As you could hear They both have very good passive noise cancellation, while I feel like BlackShark V2 Pro sounded a bit fuller and warmer, what do you think, tell me in the comments down below, also, if you have heard something better than this, leave a reply on what that was!

OK, the last piece of the puzzle, sound reproduction quality of the 50 mm drivers that each of them carries in their ear cups. They both have the same impedance of 32 Ohm’s, while Razer has, at least by the specification, a bit wider frequency response, which can be noticed on the lower end, they are quite bass-ey. Again, as with the microphones, you can adjust the sound profile, but what I can tell you is that you can’t go wrong with either of them, I do like the G Pro X a bit better since it sounds a touch cleaner, but I’m used to mixing and mastering sounds, so take that with a grain of salt, while there’s a lot of people who will rather prefer the punchier BlackShark V2 Pro 2.

So… Which one?

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What about the surround sound? Oh, the surround sound. Razer has THX and Logitech DTS Headphones X, and they both work well when it comes to trying to translate the environment around you, but in terms of the quality of that sounds… It’s just bad, I’ve literally had to turn off after 30 when the first time I tried it in-game. The regular stereo, plus some tinker with the equalizer, is much, much better if you ask me, you get plenty of in-game awareness without compromising the sound quality, while both can easily cope with music listening and movie watching, more so if you decide to set up different equalizer profiles.

Although this not going to be a dedicating factor for any buyer, both headsets have their own software utility as mentioned before, and you all probably already came across them at some point. I like the G Hub a bit more, it’s cleaner, especially the homepage, I don’t know why Razer’s one looks like this, it just feels like a piece of bloatware, especially since you have two separates programs, although I had my fair share of problems with G Hub the when it comes to installing it and updating. Of course, you can set up everything in relation to the features that each of these wireless headsets carries, microphone settings, sound profiles, and so on.

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The only thing that’s you don’t have to think about and compare too much is their pricing because they both have the same pricing of 200€ at the time of filming this on their respective European web-shops, although, I had to add that the US pricing is a bit different, in favor of Razer by 20$. Putting that aside, there are some differences and advantages being traded back and forward between these two models, but they’re are rather inconspicuous in a way that I think that the purchasing decision will be lead by users personal preference towards a certain feature, or in the end maybe even because of being more familiar with one of the brands.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out my BlackShark V2 Pro vs G Pro X comparison if you have any question feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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