Since I haven’t tried its original brother, the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel was a completely new experience, but don’t worry, I made sure that I go over everything in regards to what has changed or not, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Right from the get go, there’s basically little to no difference in terms of the outer design, which doesn’t come as a surprise as this is an actual full-scale replica of the real-life McLaren’s GT3 wheel from the MP4-12C, it’s officially licensed by the McLaren itself and made based on their CAD data for this wheel, so it needs to stay looking as this – as the original. Since we’re talking about official things, you’ll again get that full support for the now Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and there’s even an Xbox switch in the right bottom corner – cute!

The most noticeable visual change on the wheel is probably the fact that they’ve decided to use a honeycomb mesh structure for the multi functional analogues paddles, which makes the more sturdy. Above them we have the up and down paddle gear rocker and this is where we have one of the bigger technical changes. The shifting mechanics is completely revised, now it has a longer throw and magnetic resistance which gives it a better tactile feedback. It’s the same bright orange colored single piece of anodized aluminum, a very cool looking, and of course functional add-on. The feel that this gives is next to real-life, certainly better than what can a classic consumer based car with flappy pedals offer. Overall the build quality is up there with everything else that Fanatec made, while I generally speaking do like the original look of this wheel, before all how the carbon fiber shell looks like, of course this is one is not real carbon fiber, but this look-alike pattern still gives it that wow effect.

Improved shifter for McLaren GT3 V2 wheel

Back to those analog pedals, I really like having them here, they can be used for multitude of purpose, most commonly for setting up the dual clutch feature and better launch of your non-manual driving cars, which is done by first pulling both of the pedals in and determining the grabbing point of the clutch with the left corner dial, pressing the acceleration pedal, release the right pedal, and then left, boom, almost perfect start. You can choose between different option by changing the position of that middle dial, or you can just set them up on your own at the last fourth, D position, but must importantly, with the third C position you’ll get a setup of controls that could enable players with certain disabilities to be able to use these two pedals for accelerating and braking.

mclaren gt3 v2 review

Hanging a bit longer here on the back, some of you may remember how the previous version had a clamping style of installation with a bolt, where you had a special tool that you would tuck here on the back and use for tightening it down, you can even see a glimpse of it here on the back, but it’s now closed off in version of the mold for this case shell. Now there’s none of that and we have a revised installation procedure for the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2, one seen and being a standard on their other wheel, simplified quick adapter with a thick plastic cup and a ring that locks everything tight onto the wheel hub just with using your hand.

It also easily removable just by undoing these screws around it, which I’ve actually done and swiftly replaced it with something even better – Fanatec’s chunky and metal ClubSport Quick Release Adapter. It’s was literally less than a 5 minute job, everything fits on like a glove, just be carefully not the damage the pins. This will also unlock the High Torque Mode on the Podium wheel bases, but even without that, if you’re changing wheels often and have a lot of them, this is an extremely usefully add-on.

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 – all about those switches

Moving to the front and taking a look at the switches, basically nothing has changed here, everything is where it was and how it was, before all a set of high quality buttons and multi position dials that can be programmed in game. The N, Neutral, and P, Parking, switches have additional sort raised up tube framing around them, so you don’t press them accidentally, plus the switches itself is really hard to press, you definitely won’t be miss-clicking it. The show is stolen, in my opinion, by their FunkySwitch which has seven different functions and which is by default used for navigating through games menus, especially when hooked up to consoles.

mclaren gt3 v2

In the middle of the rotary switches we still have a 1” big OLED screen, which shows your usual information as speed and gear, as well as enables you to enter the menu using this small switch, make on the fly changes to one of your 5 wheel profiles. Oh, yeah, since I’m talking about, withing the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel bundle you’ll also get a pretty broad set of additional switch covers for those round ones which are replaceable, and they actually already have some of the more common triggers and functions engraved onto them.

Since this is actually my first time using such GT3 style of wheel on a longer run on my Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base, I was really interested in seeing how it feels and how it is to use it. Right of the bat taking it into my hands, the massive rubber upholstery gives you a huge amount grip without using any gloves, you can really sink into your palms into it, and I reckon it would be pretty slippery with the gloves since it’s a very smooth rubber in question. Overall the feel is really, really solid, it’s a massive steering wheel after all, and weights in around 1,3 kg with the quick release adapter. The flex is minimal, while with 300 mm of diameter it suits me good as I’m pretty familiar with that kind of wheel size. The rocker shifter is precise and tactile, you will get that indisputable feel that you made that gear shift, it also helps that it has a protruded surface texture to it for better grip. Everything else is easy to reach in terms of frequently used switches, as they are right on the edge.

Improved shifter for McLaren GT3 V2 wheel

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To sum it up shortly – is this wheel any good, yes, yes it is, no doubt about it, and even more so now with everything that was improved and for this price point, that was already established with its predecessor. For most of you out there it will be more of a question if your current racing setup needs it so it can fulfill that specific purpose of a GT3 wheel, because users who are aiming to buy it will know exactly why they are getting it. Although I don’t think that a lot of users will upgrade from the original Fanatec’s McLaren GT3 model, I do think that a lot of users who were maybe looking at it for a while, will now have even more reasons to get it, I myself am really eager to try out more GT3 racing with it.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out my Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 review, if you have any question feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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