As Logitech long time ago widen their offer from having office only to gaming portfolio too, the Razer went the other way around, from being a brand that delivers gaming oriented products, to one that now also wants to offers something for everyday use in working environment, because when everything is set and done, are a lot of users who use their mice for productivity. So, how does the wireless Razer Click Pro compares to something like Logitech tried and true MX Master series, are they on the right path?

From the design point of view, It looks really sleeks and elegant, especially with this chromed line that goes around it, for which at first I thought it will look a bit tacky, but it does go well with the metal scroll wheel and the dark gray side-grips which are found on both the left and right side, although I wish they also offer something else besides the white color just for the sake of practicality, although I do like how it looks on it. Thankfully, Razer steered away from any RGB’s with this one.

From ergonomics point of view, being a right hand only design, instead of a generic shape we have very natural body lines of the mouse, slightly sloping to the right side and towards the front, with raised up back end and a pretty minimal, but at the same time very functional thumb rest area. It suit my palm grip style almost perfectly, I had to do basically minimal to none adjustment coming over from the MX Master 2S. All of this is not a surprise since they made this mouse in collaboration with the Humanscale, a world renown manufacturer of ergonomic products, in particular office furniture like chairs and tables.

Razer Pro Click – The answer for MX Master series?

Below the mouse you can see a big U shaped gliding surfaces on each end, in between of them Razer’s 5G optical sensor, more on it later on, below which you have a dedicated switch for going between the Bluetooth and 2,4 GHz, and a spot for housing the receiver in case you move about a lot or you just plan to use the Bluetooth connection. See, Logitech, it can be done. Touche on the other hand, because Razer also made a mistake and didn’t take a note from Logitech, as they used a micro USB connection for battery charging, plus the whole for the cable is basically a proprietary one because of its shape . Speaking of the battery, Razer claims up to 200 hours battery life over 2,4 GHz wireless connection over the dongle, and up to 400 hours using the Bluetooth connection. I’ve experience something along the line of that while using this mouse

Razer Pro Click vs MX Master 3So, how is this mouse handling your everyday use? Of course, the 16000 DPI optical sensor is an overkill for the most part, with tracking capability of up to 450 IPS, but I’m pretty sure that there are some users with multiple high resolution screens who will know how to take advantage of such high DPI capability of the Razer Pro Click, because I for example use my MX Master at its highest pointer speed. And this is where the Pro Click one-ups the MX Master series in my opinion in this Pro Click vs MX Master, because it can be a really decent gaming mouse if needed, capable of being used for more serious FPS gaming without a problem, although it also has a bit high lift-off distance, but less unwanted acceleration. What’s even more surprising is that it’s not that heavy, tipping over just a bit above 100 grams, which is extremely light for this type of productivity oriented mouse. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn’t perform as well as the MX Master series on the glass and more reflective types of surfaces, so have that in mind.

Pro Click gets the gaming edge

Another important thing when it comes to productivity are of course all the buttons and switches that go along with the mouse. We have a total of eight mechanical switches, all of them fully programmable, and beside the regular ones, we have two additional on the left side, another one behind the scroll wheel, middle click of the scroll wheel, and again one for the books for other mice brands, in my opinion very useful left and side scroll-wheel. All the switches are very firm and direct, only the right click has some minimal wobble to it, while the scroll wheel has a bit of a too small and subtle stepping for my taste. Here is how all of that sounds. Not too bad, but definitely not the that quiet, especially the middle click.

Razer Pro Click wireless review

Finally, crowing it all is the software experience. The Pro Click wireless uses the same Razer Synapse utility as their other peripherals do, and here once again my theory around being a somewhat gaming oriented mouse is confirmed by the settings offered here, you for example can set different DPI levels and polling rate. Of course you can remap the buttons here, create macros, customize different profiles and check your bat… Oh, not this again, battery level indicator that indicates… Well, nothing too usefully precise.

Productivity mouse to buy or avoid?

razer pro click wireless price
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One challenge that the Pro Click will have is the fact that its current price of 110€ doesn’t help him compared to its competitor, the latest MX Master 3, which has a longer battery life, quick charge option, multiple device connection profiles, USB Type C, so you’ll have to weight in all of that and think about what do you really need when it comes to those particular features.. What it does have is a bit better ergonomics, and the least in my case, and the fact that it’s more versatile when it comes to the non-productivity part, so it hits two birds with one stone, making it more attractive to users who aim to have some fun times too.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out my Razer Pro Click review, if you have any question feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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