The tab view in the Google Chrome browser for Android has recently undergone a total overhaul as a result of a recent server-side update. Before, tabs were displayed as a vertical cascading list of cards that ran from the top to the bottom of the screen. Only one site could be previewed at a time in this classic tab view.

Now, after the update, tabs appear in a grid arrangement. This was done for convenience, as it allows users to see multiple opened tabs at once without their view obscured. This modification also paves the way for tab groups, which is an all-new feature. Tab groups provide for a more efficient workflow because tabs may now be arranged into tidy groups. The tab groups feature is especially useful for users that like to have multiple tabs open at once, as it makes it much easier to sort through and find specific open tabs.

While it was a positive change for many, there are a lot of users who prefer the way things were before the update. There are a few drawbacks to the new version. Tabs are now displayed at the top of the screen rather than aligned to the middle, making one-handed usability a little more challenging.

There are also many who dislike the grid layout’s appearance, and many people feel that it’s not useful. One of the areas where the tab group feature isn’t very useful is when playing online casino games at a Canadian Online Casino. Players don’t usually need to have multiple tabs open when it comes to playing slots and other casino games.

There have already been a large number of complaints about the change from people who find it to be less convenient as well as looking worse. For those users, it may be necessary to revert the update and return to the original tab view.

How to Turn Off Grid View/Tab Groups for Google Chrome Android

If you’re one of those users that don’t like the new update and want to revert back, you can follow the steps below to turn off the grid view, and tab groups feature. It involves making use of Chrome Flags, which are experimental features that haven’t been enabled by default but can be changed with a few simple clicks.

Although Chrome Flags are experimental, they’re really easy to use and can drastically improve your browsing experience. To get to this settings menu, all you need to do is type “chrome:/flags” without the quotation marks in your mobile browser’s address bar.

If you’ve done that correctly, you should be taken to the chrome flags page. Then, in the search field, type in the terms “tab grid,” and the appropriate flag should appear. Simply pick it and set the value to “Disabled” from “Default.” Restart Chrome a few times after that to see the grid layout restore to the good old vertical card view. Additionally, if you want to also disable the tab groups feature in Chrome, you can use the #enable-tab-groups flag.

Once this is complete, your Google Chrome should revert back to how it was before the update. All your information and tabs will be saved, so there’s no need to worry about any of that. The process is surprisingly simple, and although many people enjoy the new tab view, it’s easy to see why some people want to change it back.


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