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So, you know how some manufactures make deals with other well-known brands so they have a mutual, sort of like a crossover episode, well Logitech partnered back in October with KDA, a virtual pop group placed in the world of the well-known MOBA – League of Legends, which resulted in a total of 6 new products for their G gaming line-up, covering each segment, although based on the existing models. Putting that aside, I was actually really interested in checking these products out, because as you’ll now see they have a really unique and cool-looking colorway, so it could be interesting to users outside the KDA realm.

Obviously, there is no point in going knee-deep into each of these products, they are all the same in their core as they are based on the existing products and line-up, some of which I’ve reviewed a long time ago, I’ll put some links in the right top corner, and now I’m going to run through all of these products to see how they look and feel in real life, and not just as a 3D rendered item on a website.

Although mousepads are maybe not THAT exciting, I’m going to start off with the one, that being the G840 KDA, just so I have somewhere to put next to two products onto. It’s a big XL size mouse pad with a rubber base and cloth-like surface, and as opposed to on other products in the line-up, here you’ll get to see the champions being displayed in their full KDA line-up – so we have Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, Seraphine, and Kai’Sa. I really hope I am pronouncing this right, feel free to go at me in the comments if I’m not.


Base covered with G305 KDA & G502 KDA mice and G Pro KDA keyboard

What will I put on it you ask? Well, this wireless G305 KDA and the wired G502 KDA gaming mouse, both being highly praised in their respective fields, carrying Hero optical sensors. And this is where we come to that “unique and cool looking colorway” from before, I really like how both of them turned out to be, although I am not that big of a fan of white color when it comes to maintaining the devices, keeping them spotless is not an easy task, It does look cool with this black and blue detail combination, especially on the G502 where we have these additional blue details on auxiliary switches.

logitech g pro KDA keyboard

Of course, you cannot spell gaming without a keyboard, or can you? Never mind, you get the point, and here it is, the Logitech G Pro KDA mechanical gaming keyboard. The base is obviously well familiar to all of us, it uses mechanical switches and has RGB Lightsync backlighting for the, unfortunately, ABS type of keycaps, supports the compact tenkeyless design, so all the regular bits and bobs for this model, except for one, and that is that this one uses GX Brown instead of GX Blue clicky switch on the original G Pro mechanical keyboard, so have that in mind. This particular version of it shows off one of the most interesting-looking applications of the K/Da colorway out of everything that I saw today. It has this sort of like half and half black and white design, with KDA logo on the top and these silver and blue striping remind me a bit of Tron and Cyberpunk theme.

G733 KDA and G333 KDA

And here’s the well-known and pretty popular G733 wireless gaming headset, now in this G733 KDA variation, If you want to check out my in-depth review of it, be sure to click on the link in the right top corner. I do like it in this white colorway, they kept it really simple which compliments the physical design and lines of the headphones, plus the RGB strips get more pronounced, the only details that stand out are on the headband, again colored in the same familiar way, while on the side you can see the KDA logo. All in all, they also didn’t go overboard with anything on this one.

logitech g333

This, well this is actually something new, or at least something I haven’t seen or tried in person before, the G333 KDA in-ear gaming headphones. I’ve seen a glimpse of them at a certain point, that being their G333 VR model, which is how they were first released, intended as an Oculus Quest 2 add-on. These ones do not look that much different from it looks-wise, except of course having this KD/A color scheme, but we now also get the 4-pin 3,5 mm connector and USB Type-C dongle, so you can connect to various devices, from PC, smartphone, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and so on, in-line microphone and controls. And this is the bonus release that I’ve mentioned in the title because with the introduction of the G333 KDA version, Logitech released the so to speak regular G333 model for their ongoing G product line-up. You can find it three different colorways, white, purple and this black one, and expect what I’ve already mentioned, it also comes with its own carrying pouch. It has a dual driver design, one for mids and one for highs, and they do sound decent for IEM’s which are priced at 50$. The only thing I miss having on them is a microphone mute switch since they target themselves as a gaming headset. As for the pricing of everything else in relation to the KDA products, feel free to check that out in the description box down below.

That’s it for this time, thanks for checking out this quick Logitech KDA overview, if you have any questions feel free to hit me in the comments section of my YouTube video listed above, you can contact me via my social media channels!

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